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+ High quality OEM manufacturer
+ Good management to increase the production efficiency and reduce the overhead cost
+ Strict quality control system to improve the product quality continuously and lower the scrap rate

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Pressure Cooker
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Union pressure cooker will let you cook foods faster, while using less energy and preserving more vitamins and minerals than conventional cooking methods!

* Foods cook in about a third of the time!
* Reduces energy consumption and cost.
* Preserves nutrients for healthier cooking.
* Preserves the natural flavors and colors of foods.

Union pressure cooker is made from durable, corrosion resistant stainless steel, with a special heat-diffusing bottom for superior heat conductivity.
* Suitable for all cooking surfaces including magnetic induction.
* Multiple safety features for worry-free operation.
* Easy to read pressure indicator.
* Capacity marks indicate food fill levels.
* Double as a regular utensil by substituting the pressure cooker cover with a normal cover.

Safety Features 

1.      Auto-Locking Valve - To prevent the build up of pressure if the cover is not properly closed. If it is properly closed, the cover could not be opened once the inside pressure is above 5kpa.



2.      Spring Valve (Releasing Valve) - The valve stem rises and lowers to show you the cooking pressure in the pressure cooker, it has two red lines. The first line indicates pressure between 45-55kPa, and the second line indicates pressure between 72-88kPa.


3.      Safety Valve - This secondary pressure release valve releases pressure between 112-160kPa should the spring valve fail.




4.      Safety Window - It releases pressure in the unlikely event of failure of the other pressure release safety features. In the worst condition, the gasket itself will push through the window to release pressure between 160-280kPa.


5.      The body is with strong and durable bending edge, and the cover will stay on the pressure cooker up to 500kPa without rupture.